What is nonce (number used once or number once)? Definition from

A nonce, ter information technology, is a number generated for a specific use, such spil session authentication. Te this setting, ",nonce", stands for ",number used once", or ",number once.",

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Typically, a nonce is some value that varies with time, albeit a very large random number is sometimes used. A nonce can be a time stamp, a visit tegenstoot on a Web pagina, or a special marker intended to limit or prevent the unauthorized replay or reproduction of a opstopping.

An initialization vector (IV) is a nonce used for gegevens encryption. The IV, used only once te any session, prevents repetition of sequences te encrypted text. Identifying such repetitions can help an attacker pauze a cipher.

Ter general usage, nonce means ",for the instantaneous occasion", or ",for now.", Here’s an explanation of the word’s development from Merriam-Webster:

",Nonce", very first appeared ter Middle English spil a noun spelled ",nanes.", The spelling likely came about from a misdivision of the phrase ",then anes", (",Then", wasgoed the Middle English omschrijving of ",the", and ",anes", meant ",one purpose.",) The word wasgoed especially used te the phrase ",for the nonce,", meaning ",for the one purpose,", spil te Geoffrey Chaucer’s Prologue of ",Canterbury Tales:", A cook they hadde with hem for the nones To boille the chiknes with the marybones.

A nonce word is a neologism (freshly coined word) that is created for a single use, such spil inclusion te a work of fiction. However, once created, nonce words often make their way into common language. For example, Lewis Carroll coined the word ",chortle", for the poem ",Jabberwocky", and James Joyce created the word ",quark", for his novel ",Finnegan’s Wake.",

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