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Don’t Rely on Smartphones Spil Your ONLY Camera on Cruises & Tours

Don’t Rely on Smartphones Spil Your ONLY Camera on Cruises &, Tours By Steve Frankel I love my Apple iPhone X. Smartphones now include amazing cameras. Sending photos to others via email is effortless, and backing up your pictures ter the Cloud prevents stupid mistakes. Most importantly – you are shooting with a camera that you already know. Despite all thesis things, I would never go a cruise or tour with it spil my only camera. …, [Read More. ]

Choosing Good Cameras for Cruises &, Tours

Now ONLY $0.99 on Kindle I found the advice to be enormously practical and specific. Truly focussed on the realities of cruising and travelling instead of simply suggesting generalities about photographic equipment. The author is obviously very knowledgeable and willing to share his extensive practice. Choosing Superb Cameras for Cruises &, Tours …, [Read More. ]

The Disembodied

Suspenseful and Spookiness at it’s best.. The story itself is mind boggling. Several instances, I thought I knew the outcome, I wasgoed floored. The ending wasgoed superbly done. I have to admit that I felt like someone wasgoed watching mij, or felt something that raised my skin into goosebumps. I recommend this story to readers looking for a fresh read that will keep you guessing until the last pagina. The Disembodied …, [Read More. ]

Clever Phone & iPhone Accessories Every Photographer Should Have

With the quality of photos that clever phones and iphone produce, you may never need a stand alone camera again. Check out thesis amazing accessories that will help you take even better pics and movies. The Olloclip for iPhones Olloclip manufacturers a multiplicity of clip on lenses for iPhones. You can get their Macro, Telephoto and Broad Angle lenses separately or ter bundles. The lenses clip instantly overheen your phones Vooraanzicht &, …, [Read More. ]

Tempt (Crimson Clover Book 1)

If you love romances that are thought provoking, you’ll love this story about one couples fight with their marriage. Right or wrong, everyone has to make a choice. Please read the opening chapters and nominate TEMPT on KindleScout. If the author gets a publishing contract, you will get a FREE advanced copy of the book. Tempt (Crimson Clover Book 1) Let go a chunk of your heart. Lexine and David Kessler are disconnected, preoccupied, …, [Read More. ]


How far can you go to protect the life of someone who meant the world to you? Read the opening chapters of the latest suspense thriller novel the CROSSING ZERO and then NOMINATE on Kindle Scout. If the author gets a Kindle Scout contract, YOU will get a free advanced copy. They’ll do anything to get what she has. How do you protect your eleven-year-old son when challenging coerces will do anything to get something you have, something of …, [Read More. ]

Switch Your Life Ter 100 Days

Are You Ready To Commence Creating Radical Results – Quick? Approximately two years ago, I embarked a 100 day writing challenge. The challenge wasgoed to write 100 words a day. To say I successfully ended the writing challenge would be an understatement. On average I wrote 1200 words a day. Some days I just scarcely made my 100 words, with 102 hand-written words being my lowest word count. On one amazing day I wrote 5004 words. The largest …, [Read More. ]

The Rabbijn Wore Bell-bottoms

You’ll love this humorous look at life, religion and love. Please NOMINATE The Rabbijn Wore Bell-bottoms on KindleScout. If the author gets a publishing contract, YOU will get a free advanced edition of the book. The Rabbijn Wore Bell-bottoms You can lose religion — and find your faith. Fresh out of grad schoolgebouw ter 1969, Dan Berman gets drafted into the army. Ambivalent about organized religion, he’s assigned spil Jewish Chaplain’s …, [Read More. ]

Vensterluik the Eyes

How can a woman and a bossy ghost, fight against A state that is willing to demolish anyone who exposes the truth. Please read the opening chapters of the latest paranormal YA dark fantasy novel Vensterluik the Eyes and NOMINATE it on Kindle Scout. If the book is chosen for a penalizing contract, YOU will get a FREE advanced copy. “I call upon the Mara to eat my fantasies.” Haunted teenage Cole would do anything to erase hier failures. Absolute obedience …, [Read More. ]

Connor’s Gambit

Now only 99cents on Kindle. ” . a joy, effortless romp that leaves you salivating for another.” Shortly after Brad Johnson is the lone witness to a UFO sighting, an alien targets him and his family. This is Brad’s introduction to an off world escapade te which he voorwaarde rely upon his natural abilities, intuition, and core beliefs to sustain an intergalactic war inbetween two space faring groups of aliens. Connor’s Gambit …, [Read More. ]

Our Man On Earth: The Original Tale of Merlin, King Arthur’s Legendary Wizard

Now only 99cents on Kindle. “I have always loved Arthurian legends &, stories, and this one wasgoed no exception. I greatly liked reading this author’s tale of how Merlin came to be born and of what his fate wasgoed meant to be, spil well spil how his mother wasgoed determined to prevent him from being used spil a force for evil. I think it is the very first story I’ve read that began before Merlin’s existence.” Our Man On Earth: The Original Tale of …, [Read More. ]

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