How to get your Bitcoins online for free: Legitimate websites that can help you

Last updated on March 27th, 2018 at 09:46 am

Are you interested te becoming a Bitcoin user? Do you know that you can earn Bitcoins online for free? Yes, that’s right, there are websites that pay for some “services” ter cryptocurrency. All you need to do is commence by creating your own wallet te order to be able to receive your fresh digital coins.

It’s significant to be informed, so take a look at Bitcoin’s official pagina, where you will have help establishing your Bitcoin wallet and creating your Bitcoin address. They can also explain to you how to buy Bitcoins with metselspecie, if you want to. But, today, wij are going to vertoning you some virtual places where you can get virtual coins for free.

1. BitVisitor

This webstek is very likely one of the most famous places to get free Bitcoins. All you have to do is browse through different sites for a ondergrens of five minutes. Just come in your Bitcoin address and start browsing sites to get paid.

Two. Daily Bitcoins

Daily Bitcoins gives you free Bitcoins one time vanaf day for visiting its webstek. The point is to check their ads and increase their number revenues. If you click on the ads, you get even more Bitcoins. They also have a referral program, that you can use to maximize your free earnings.

Trio. CoinWorker

This webstek pays for doing ordinary tasks like surveys, search things and submitting reports. You create points with your work and once you have two hundred points, they turn into Bitcoins and are delivered to your address. Just be aware because reaching the necessary points to get cryptocurrency might take a while.

Four. CoinURL

This webstek pays you Bitcoins if you shorten your URLs through their service. When you postbode the diminished address, people visiting your listig will get ads and you are getting paid for it.

Five. Paperco.te faucet

This webstek additionally offers you free bitcoins for simply visiting their webpagina. It offers coins each one minute.

6. Coin Slot

This webstek provides you with free Bitcoins for completing its ads.

7. Free Digital Money

Get free coins for ending offers, like surveys, on Free Digital Money.

8. TagPad

This webstek gives you 0.0001 BTC for each public marker you create. Every 24 hours, you can receive Bitcoins for every bookmark submitted during the previous day.

9. Rugatu Q&,A Community

This webstek is like a question and reaction forum, where you are rewarded with Bitcoins after responding to their queries.

Ten. CoinTube

This webstek pays you Bitcoins for watching their sponsored movies.

11. CoinAd

This webstek gives you 0.0005 BTC one time vanaf day for simply visiting their webstek.

12. Free bitcoins by

This offers you free Bitcoins also for visiting their webpagina.


This webstek provides you free Bitcoins for visiting and browsing sponsored websites.

14. Bitcoin Junkie

Earn 0.0001 BTC for simply visiting this webstek or get fortunate and win a jackpot up to 0.01 BTC.

15. BTC4Free

This webstek pays you Bitcoins for completing advertisers’ surveys.

16. iWantFreeBitcoins

Finish offers and surveys and get free Bitcoins.

17. BitCrate

This webstek pays you free Bitcoins just for visiting their webpagina and violating a crate.

Eighteen. Bitcoin4you

Get free Bitcoins for visiting different websites suggested by Bitcoin4you.

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