Get $100 of Free Bitcoin for Inviting People to

Get your affiliate listig and commence sending invites to friends. Every friend who gets verified earns you $1 ter free bitcoin.

Ter advance of our upcoming token launch, we’re rolling out several features that have bot widely requested for a while. Beginning today wij are introducing invites with cryptocurrency bonuses. You can now earn up to $100 worth of BTC by inviting users to the network!

Please note that to prevent manhandle, wij do require each referral to get verified. Te practice, this means your referral just needs to take a few seconds to verify an institutional email address, like [email protected] or [email protected] For each such verified user you refer, you’ll earn $1 te free BTC!

Here’s how it works

There are three ways to earn bitcoin by inviting your network to join sharing your referral verbinding, linking your Gmail account, or typing te emails one by one.

1. Share your referral listig

If you loom te to on the web, you should now see a custom-made referral listig at the top of the interface, spil shown below:

Here’s how the referral listig looks te more detail. The referral verbinding is uniquely tied to your account. When you share this verbinding and somebody clicks on it, signs up, and gets verified, your account will automatically be credited with BTC!

You can share your referral listig through text, email, or on social media. Feel free to postbode it on Twitter and Facebook, or ter Telegram and Slack groups.

Two. Verbinding your Gmail account and invite your address book

The 2nd way to refer friends is to verbinding your Gmail account by going to on the web, spil shown below. After linking your account, we’ll automatically suggest contacts for you to invite!

Three. Type te emails and invite people one by one

The third way to invite users is also at on the web. To invite only a few of your contacts, simply loom te and type te their email addresses using our manual invite feature, spil shown below:

Track your invites and earnings

We’ve created a handy instrumentenbord for you to track the status of every voeling you have invite to join, spil well spil your total earnings. For each invite, you’ll be able to see whether that voeling has signed up and whether their profile is verified.

Again, please note: only invited contacts that both sign up and get verified will be eligible for bitcoin referral bonuses. Specifically, te order to prevent manhandle, wij require all users you refer to get verified, which requires linking at least one institutional email address. This takes less than a minute and wij haven’t found this to be a serious barrier for most real users.


Wij think this is a joy feature that permits you to earn significant amounts of bitcoin simply by inviting your friends. Paste your affiliate listig online, get your contacts to sign up, and just wait back to earn free BTC spil your referrals get verified!

If you have any terugkoppeling on this feature, we’d love to hear from you. Please go after us on Twitter, join our Facebook community, and sign up for our email newsletter below.

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