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I’ve bot watching the Ether price consistently – since it wasgoed only $1 – and eyeing the current price rise, I want to get involved.

So I’ve bought an Ether mining contract from Genesis Mining – and I want to share just how effortless it is with you, too.

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Very first you need to set up a Genesis Mining account – just click the “Sign Up” button and pack ter your email address and password, and you’re good to go!

Once you have your account set up, you can instantly buy three different mining contracts. Sha256 &, X11, which both let you mine bitcoin, and importantly for us, Ether contracts:

Te order to get embarked all you need to do is click on the orange “Upgrade Hashpower” button on this screen.

When you do that you’ll come through to this screen:

If you want to buy Ether mining, it’s significant to use the 2nd slider shown on this screen – this is the one you need to use to get the 1 year Ether mining contracts presently available through Genesis. You can select spil little spil 1MH/s (1 mega-hash vanaf 2nd) for 0.1BTC – but because I believe ter Ether’s current price rise, I’m spending 0.534BTC and buying 5MH/s of Ether mining from Genesis.

On the right forearm side of this screen there is a dropdown menukaart for a lotsbestemming of different payment options. Including, of course, bitcoin. Once you’ve selected your preferred payment method, simply click “Continue” and carry on through to the confirmation screen. Just make sure that all your details are onberispelijk.

Once you’ve confirmed and accepted the Terms of the contract, you’re good to go right through to the payment screen!

For bitcoin the payment screen looks like this:

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Simply go after the instructions and your mining power will be credited straight to your account spil soon spil the transaction is received.

Once you’ve got your mining power allocated to your account, you can allocate the amount of hashing power to Ether ter your Mining Allocation tabulator (on the left palm side of the screen)

Once you’re ter the screen, click on the Ethash tabulator and allocate your hashing power to Ethereum like so:

Once this is all set up, the entire process is automated. You can check how much you earn each day at the bottom of the Instrumentenbord tabulator:

And te case you’re wondering how much you’ll earn from this every day, week or month – and how long it’ll take to pauze even…

Simply waterput ter the amount of hashing power you have (all the surplus of the fields are automatically packed with up-to-date information) and you can see your daily, weekly and monthly earnings from your mining contract.

Check out our stats here:

From a 5MH/s contract, our earnings are $0.05/hour – or $32.83 vanaf month. Since the contract itself cost $222 te bitcoin, this means this contract (at the current rates) will be ter profit after 7 months te – and the surplus of the earnings for the year will be profit. If the price of Ether keeps rising, wij may even pauze even earlier and make much more profit than this chart shows too.

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