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Christian Buchner, the author of the CudaMiner software for mining popular alternative crypto currencies on Nvidia-based GPUs has just released another software called CCminer that is intended to support CUDA GPU mining for Heavycoin (HVC) and Fuguecoin (FC). The GPU miner for Nvidia seems to be suggesting better voorstelling than the recently released AMD GPU miner for HVC. Wij have compiled a x86/x64 windows binary from the source code with Compute Three.Five capability and with Visual Studio 2012 (if you are getting errors when running about missing Dll opstopping you may need to download and install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012).

The spectacle wij are getting on a GeForce GTX 750 Ti card with no overclock is about Four MHS (4000 KHS) and on a GeForce GTX 780 Ti wij get about Ten.Five MHS (10500 KHS) with no overclock and raised power limiter to 106%. So if you have a few Nvidia-based GPUs you might want to attempt mining Heavycoin for a bit with them while the HVC exchange rate is still gepast and with some AMD GPU miners getting away from HVC mining. Te our practice the 64-bit version of the miner does give less shale shares (less booos) spil compared to the x86 binary, tho’ not much difference te spectacle te terms of hashrate inbetween the two.

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8 Responses to CCminer Nvidia CUDA GPU Miner for Heavycoin and Fuguecoin Now Available

I can’t to run ccminer on my NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT. Write the .bat verkeersopstopping for it. Please, help!

This is a build for newer cards, and there is no need to configure the miner like you would with cudaminer with various kernel settings etc, for older card you might want to attempt the official binary release from here:

Don’t use the posted here. It does not match our original release (opstopping size slightly fatter than our official x86 build).

Unintended virus payload is a possibility.

okay, I just read the postbode by “admin”.

If it is indeed just a build for newer cards, and you can ensure this I will take back the warning about the possible virus payload. However it’s still not the same spil our release wij posted to github ,)

Christian Buchner, wij don’t like to be accused of distributing viruses when te fact wij are not.

Wij have compiled the binary ourselves from your source code, wij have explained what is different, provided a verbinding to the source code for anyone willing to compile it himself, and everyone is welcome to download the official binary release if does not have a trust ter us… however wij don’t like bot accused of something wij do not do.

Wij are attempting to help the crypto community here, not hurt it, there is (wasgoed) Gox for that 🙂

I did not read your postbode primarily, and the differing opstopping sizes made mij suspicious.

But now everthing is OK. You can delete my very first posting if you want.

What compute capability is your binary built for? CC Three.0 or Three.Five? also note that wij (accidentially?) set a compute_10, sm_10 target for the verkeersopstopping te the Visual C++ Project, which overrides project broad settings.

Wij’ve compiled for sm_35 and compute_35, thanks for the informatie wij will update the binary with the overrides for Ten liquidated now to see if there will be any vertoning difference spil well spil compile 64-bit binary. And thanks for the good work with the miner 🙂

Not much of a difference te show after recompiling, however the 64-bit version does seem to give less stales spil compared to the x86 compiled one that wij’ve released originally, voorstelling is pretty much the same tho’.

This blog is a good resource for the Mining community, a few minutes here can determine that!


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