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Banks, financial institutions and many others are adopting blockchain technology quicker than anticipated. Here’s a look at companies ter the space.

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It’s no secret that the popularity of blockchain has bot on the rise thanks to financial institutions adopting it spil well spil other industries implementing this revolutionary wave of technology.

A Research and Markets report indicates that the overarching global blockchain market will grow from $411.Five million te 2018 to a staggering $7.68 billion by 2022, enhancing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 79.6 procent during that time.

Fueling that growth, the report says, will result ter “increasing demand” for simplified business processes, transparency and immutability, quicker transactions, and blockchain-as-a-service.

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The importance and adoption of blockchain for communication service providers, transformation of international trade and supply chain management, fresh breedgeschouderd for programmable blockchain platforms and “high adoption” of blockchain for payments, brainy contracts and digital identities are key factors that have potential to add to that market growth.

Putting it simply, there’s a wealth of chance to be had te the blockchain industry, and it’s only getting embarked. More and more companies are making their way onto the toneel spil well, presenting a wealth of chance for investors keen on the space. Here is a look at publicly listed blockchain technology stocks for your consideration. All numbers and figures below were current spil of March 21, 2018.

1. 360 Blockchain (CSE:CODE)

Market cap: $17.62 million, current share price: $0.11

The very first on our blockchain technology stocks list is 360 Blockchain, formerly 360 Capital Financial, that switched its name to 360 Blockchain and began trading under the symbol CODE on October Ten. Since going public, the company has announced a snaak venture with NOS Blockchain, a subsidiary of Nerds on Webpagina, that its acquisition SV Cryptlab entered into contracts to mine ethereum and Zcash, and the establishment of 360 Blockchain USA, a subsidiary to concentrate on developing and investing ter blockchain technologies ter the US.

Ter mid-January, 360 Blockchain announced it had ended its 60 procent acquisition of the issued and outstanding shares of SV CryptoLab, with the option of purchasing the remaining 40 procent for $75,000. Ter more latest news, the company announced on March 20 that it had begun a cryptocurrency hedging development program through its majority-owned subsidiary, SV Cryptolab, which will be focused on blockchain solutions for hedging cryptocurrency against price deadlines.

360 Blockchain looks to provide financial services to both private and public companies, including finance advisory, merchant banking, IPO consulting and business advisory services.

Two. Atlas Cloud Enterprises (CSE:AKE)

Market cap: $95.27 million, current share price: $0.85

Atlas Cloud Enterprises is based ter Vancouver, BC whose concentrate is becoming a top cryptocurrency mining and technology operations company ter North America. Atlas possesses its facility ter Electrical City, Washington, which is used for digital currency mining. The company is aiming to execute a proposed 1,700 application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) machine expansion this year, and enhancing that number to Two,5000 by Q2 ter 2019.

On that note, Atlas Cloud closed the acquisition of the Electrical City facility on March 15. It is a 6,600-square-foot facility that will be upgraded to industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining standards.

Three. Huizenblok Technologies (CSE:BLK)

Market cap: $Ten.54 million, current share price: $0.30

Hakblok Technologies, formerly known spil Aida Minerals, invests te the development of emerging blockchain-based technologies ter order to provide business solutions to niche industries. Its wholly-owned blockchain project called Greenstream is a blockchain-enabled supply chain management podium for the legal Canadian marihuana industry.

Under Greenstream, Hakblok’s blockchain technology podium will work with licensed producers, online marihuana merchants, customers and government entities to transact, track, access, share and authenticate the legal marihuana industry.

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Market cap: $25.44 million, current share price: $0.069

Next on our blockchain technology stocks is BTCS. The company is also the very first blockchain-focused public company ter the US, and wasgoed ahead of its time te exploring digital currency ecosystems. The company self-describes itself spil an “early mover” ter the digital currency ecosystems sector.

CEO Charles Allen wasgoed interviewed by Bloomberg explaining the company’s mission to “gather a currency that can be spent on goods and services,” using bitcoin to buy products like televisions.

Te August, BTCS announced it had signed a non-binding letterteken of intent to merge with Blockchain Global. On October 11, it wasgoed announced that BTCS had secured $1 million ter financing, $250,000 of that being bitcoin. Near the end of October, BTCS announced it had closed the remaining finance balance ter moving forward with its planned merger with Blockchain Global. Te early January, however, a letterteken to BTCS’ shareholders wasgoed issued by the company’s CEO stating the houtvezelplaat has “unanimously decided” to evaluate other potential merger markets, albeit stating the possibility that it may accomplish the merger with Blockchain Global.

Five. BTL Group (TSXV:BTL)

Market cap: $110.22 million, current share price: $Five.17

BTL is a Vancouver-based company that offers blockchain solutions across numerous industries–from banks to energy, and even to fantasy sports. BTL has a money transfer podium using distributed-ledger-technology and clever contracts, called Interbit.

On that note, the company announced ter June that it is “taking steps towards a go-to production phase” of the Interbit, having finished its European energy trading pilot. Spil noted te the press release, the 12-week pilot included building the framework on an energy trading confirmation solution to BTL’s verhoging, which wasgoed tested ter 8 different screenplays.

“At BTL wij truly believe that, by using blockchain technology and our proprietary toneel, Interbit, there is a better and more efficient way for enterprises to build applications,” Man Halford-Thompson, cofounder and CEO of BTL said. “Having demonstrated the reductions te risk and cost savings that are achievable wij now have an chance to supply the very first successful blockchain based application to the energy market. Wij are also very excited that the pilot has enabled participating companies to better understand the benefits of Interbit and identify other areas te their organizations where they can apply it.”

At the end of August, BTL Group announced the beta launch of Interbit spil it becomes closer to being launched ter live commercial environment. Ter early November, BTL Group announced that it had enlargened the size of the brokered suggesting led by GMP Securities to $Ten.7 million through the suggesting of harshly Two.1 million units at $Four.90 vanaf unit.

Ter January, BTL Group announced a European energy trading project where four oil and gas companies and five energy traders will participate ter using BTL’s Interbit blockchain toneelpodium to supply gas trading reconciliation through to settlement and delivery of trades, called OneOffice.

While the company’s headquarters are ter Vancouver, BTL Group also operates te Calgary and Canary Wharf ter London, England.

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