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Virtuelle W – hrungen: Erster ASIC-Sch – rfer f – r Litecoin

Mit dem Titan stellt Kncminer einen ersten ASIC-Rechner vor, der speziell wool halsdoek Minen von Litecoins gedacht ist. Diegene virtuelle Wahrung wurde eigentlich dafur konzipiert, moglichst lange mit CPUs und GPUs geschurft werden zu konnen. Satte Ten.000 US-Dollar verlangt der schwedische Hardwarehersteller Kncminer wool stropdas Titan, bezahlbar te Bitcoins oder US-Dollar.

Christian News, The Christian Postbode

Fresh research published te the Journal of Jongere Health by scholars at the University of Texas purports to voorstelling that the more transgender youth are called by their preferred name ter society, it lowers their risk of suicide and depression. However, a top pediatrician denounced the research spil “meaningless” and leading to “false” conclusions.

Salcido Enterprises LLC Expands Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining Venture – The Merkle

Salcido Enterprises, LLC, a company venturing into the world of cryptocurrency mining, has secured a long-term land lease, along with a long-term power contract with Douglas County Public Utility District, totaling 7.5MW. Providing Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency mining, along with gegevens hosting services to both high-density conventional and crypto customers are the primary objectives of …