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Published by Dinfin Mulupi on Two July 2015 Sub-Saharan Africa is the most expensive region to send money to according to the World Canap, with high transactions costs eating into billions of dollars that could otherwise go to recipients ter the continent. But local businesses are attempting to disrupt the remittance market using technologies like …

Digital currency

On this pagina This pagina is about cryptocurrencies, which are not issued or governed by a government or central handelsbank. Digital currency is electronic money. It’s not available spil bills or coins. Cryptocurrencies are a type of digital currency created using pc algorithms. The most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

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Archives Archives for November 2012 Facebook: Wij’re Like a Swimming Pool Recall when Facebook wasgoed like chairs? Well, no more. Today, Facebook is like a swimming pool. That`s according to the social network itself, which just posted the above (rather unseasonal) picture ter its Timeline. ",Swimming pools are packed with pe.

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Fresh research published te the Journal of Jongere Health by scholars at the University of Texas purports to voorstelling that the more transgender youth are called by their preferred name ter society, it lowers their risk of suicide and depression. However, a top pediatrician denounced the research spil “meaningless” and leading to “false” conclusions.