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What mining client are you using ?

What is your config.txt or your directive line string?

Doing 33.1mh/s on custom-built memory timing with 1200 clock / 2200 mem speeds

Do I reached peak perfomance?Some professional could dm mij maybe wij could make 34mh/s possible combining our skill

Selling B250-D8P-D4 motherboards. Accepting PayPal.

I have several equipments with whicht I have bot mining ETH, they have all bot working well untill yesterday. Each machine that has had to restart the miner or do a accomplish reboot will not fountain the DAG anymore. The equipments that didnt reboot/restart miner yet are still mining ETH. From what I gather the DAG should be

Two.4GB right now which shouldnt be a problem for thesis cards.

All equipments have GTX1060 3GB cards, Using the Claymore miner (Phoenix has same problem) and the Virtual memory is set overheen 16GB.

I have bot reading fairly recently about Ethereum ASIC miners due to be released soon. If it happens, does it kill all GPU based ethereum mining? Or both will get through?

Appreciate any thoughts.

– now miner uses the latest framework which is used for dual and zec miners. Therefore several fresh options are available.

– fresh assembler GPU kernels are used.

– added “-dmem” options that can improve voorstelling te many cases. Note that twice more GPU memory is used ter this mode.

– some old options were eliminated, some were renamed, please read Readme for detailed information and samples.

– diminished devfee, it’s 1% now if you use secure SSL/TLS connection, 1.5% for unsecure connection.

– devfee mining is executed every hour, similar to dual and zec miners.

– a lotsbestemming of minor improvements.


– Copy memory straps quick and effortless

– Memory timing strap editor – make your own custom-built straps

– Unlock RX460 extra shaders

– Set default GPU and MEM clocks

– Set GPU voltage

– Loterijlot’s of useful stuff

Latest veraf. : SRBPolaris BIOS EDITOR V3.Five

– Pimp my straps – give wings to your factory bios

– Added power control limit

– Added fan mode selection

– Med-High temp and PWM is now editable

– Added fan sensitivity and acoustic limit

Hi. With the latest druppel of Eth to 500+, Potential earnings will either be 0, or some losses due to electro-therapy bill. Am fighting to justify continuous operation. Should I zekering? Or can I switch to other crypto? It seems from whattomine, eth is still the most profitable.

Electroneum under attack?

It’s possible that this attack is being conducted by Bitmain, who shows up to control large proportion of network hashrate right now.

Here is the possible proof that ASIC and centralization are real danger for crypto security.

Could Ethereum also be at danger when ASIC will control the network?

www.Europemineshop.com – Cryptocurrency Mining Equipments &, Rekentuig Systems &, Electronics

Accomplish Ethereum, Zcash mining equipments, setup and ready to go with the operating system, stable graphics card drivers

and mining software installed. Come in your wallet address, and you’re ready to go!

Supports numerous coins:

A Europemineshop GPU Equipment Ready to mine Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and 55+ other GPU-minable coins.

-TV &, Huis Theater

Spil of now wij are proud to opoffering the multiplicity of products and services for you:

Wij sell brand fresh proven and efficient mining hardware units,

Wij sell GPU mining units tested by our quality assurance team and ready to mine,

Wij sell brand fresh mining hardware,

Wij build, supply and install custom-built scale mining “farms”,

Wij make technical research and conduct hardware tests of any mining hardware and provide special, detailed reviews for press release and web content,

Wij remain faithful to delivery of high quality and efficient mining equipment, following each sale and providing special customer service and technical support. Wij are always online and strive to bring absolute satisfaction to every customer ordering from us. Europemineshop.com is the only marketplace which implemented fair comeback policy of mining merchandise for customers who switch their mind for some reason and want to comeback back the funds invested te purchase. Wij take to each order placed with the highest level of responsibility from the phase of pre-order support to the help and maintenance stage after delivery. Shipping of every order is confirmed with the customer ter order to exclude delays, customs tax and duty overpayment, take toegevoegd care of safety and convenience.

International House, 24 Holborn Viaduct, London, United Kingdom, EC1A 2BN

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