How to earn Bitcoins without mining, 2018 guide

Earning Bitcoins without mining is possible and, ter most cases, suggested. Let’s have a look at the best options for 2018.

If you want to get te on the Bitcoin business, you will be glad to hear mining is not your only option. Actually, your options are more or less limitless, since you can always come up with a totally fresh method of obtaining cryptocurrencies.

The only thing you can&rsquo,t do without is something you can opoffering ter terugwedstrijd. But to make it lighter for you, wij have compiled a list of some of the best ways to earn your Bitcoins without mining!

Accept Bitcoins spil payment

Te order to do this, you need to have your own business or use a verhoging for buying and selling stuff. It is actually pretty plain &ndash, the only thing you need to do is let your potential customers know you accept Bitcoins spil a payment method, and pretty soon you will commence accumulating them.

Earn Bitcoins by completing different tasks

There are sites that pay their users ter Bitcoins. But what exactly do you need to do te order to get paid? Well, most of thesis sites only want you to visit and see some ads. This doesn&rsquo,t take up much of your time, and the sites are fairly consistent ter paying you for your services.

Get rente payments

This is the ideal option for those who already own Bitcoins. Basically, it comes down to you lending your Bitcoins to other users and charging rente for them. You have two options &ndash, you can either lend to someone you already know or use one of the many trusted peer-to-peer platforms. The choice is up to you!

Get Bitcoins te the form of tips

What if you could be tipped ter the form of Bitcoins? Well, you actually can. This is very similar to accepting Bitcoins spil a payment method. Also, there are slew of ways to get your tips and not all of them include opening your shop &ndash, you can also set up a blog, for example!

Earn Bitcoins by trading

Trading Bitcoins is one of the most proficiency ways to earn money with them or get more units, and it does not always requires to buy Bitcoins very first. Just open an account through one of the most secure trading broker out there (Plus500 is the suggested one). After you have done that, you can deposit a ondergrens of $100 to begin trading, which means buy or sell them if you foresee that BTC price can go higher or lower.

Make Bitcoins your regular income

It might come spil a verrassing, but there are companies that pay their employees te Bitcoins. You can always get a job at one of those, or become a freelancer. One of the thickest advantages of being a freelancer is the fact that you can set your own terms of doing business. Accordingly, you can ask your clients to pay you ter Bitcoins.

Get Bitcoins by gambling

For most, this is not even an option, and not only because of a high risk involved. But it needs to be mentioned, since it indeed is a method of obtaining free Bitcoins. There is no need to explain the process &ndash, it will suffice to say there are sites where you can gamble and get your prizes ter Bitcoins. Online Bitcoin Casinos are the future according to various sources, one of the most safe one is mBit.

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