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When is a blockchain not a blockchain?

We’ve bot flattered by all the attention Corda has received this past week. It’s just too bad the story isn’t a story. The kwestie of semantics is always a challenge spil fresh ideas, technologies and cultural phenomena work their way into mainstream consciousness and the media. Rewind a few years and who would have thought …

Cryptojacking attack hits ~4, 000 websites, including UK – s gegevens watchdog – TechCrunch

Four,000 websites, including UK’s gegevens watchdog At very first glance a CoinHive crypto miner being served by a webstek whose URL contains the string ‘ICO’ might not seem so strange. But when you know that ICO te this case stands for the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office – aka the national gegevens protection and privacy watchdog, …

Bitcoin Community Rallies Around Bitcoiner Attacked at UC Berkeley – Bitcoin News

A youthfull woman wearing a crimson “Make Bitcoin Excellent Again” hat, te the style of popular Trump campaign apparel, wasgoed maced te pui of television cameras spil violent protesters ruined parts of downtown Berkeley Wednesday night. The events unfolded after a speaking engagement by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who has penned pro-Bitcoin lumps, wasgoed cancelled.

Trusted cloud mining services te overview – The Bitcoin Forum

Contracts (One-year contracts): SHA-256: 1.Five$ for Ten GH/s ->, 150$ 1TH/s ->, 1950$ 13TH/s (Yet 1950$ is only 1-year rental whereas your equipment will stay yours forever) Fees: 0.0035 USD vanaf every Ten GH/s (presently approx. 30% of daily earnings) ->,Hashflare Profit: Three.79$-1.Five$(Hardware)-1.2775$(Maintenance)=1.01$/year vanaf Ten GH/s ->, 1313$/year vanaf 13 TH/s