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Bitmain’s Ethereum cryptocurrency ASIC could give us our graphics cards back, PCGamesN

Mining machine manufacturer Bitmain are supposedly developing an ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) for Ethereum – a cryptocurrency that is presently ruled by GPUs alone. This budge could potentially cut down the request for graphics cards from miners, which would be fine news for gamers, but potentially very bad news for AMD and Nvidia.

Minergate Review – The Best Way to Mine Any Coin with CPU – GPU – 1st Mining Equipment

I just found this awesome software “MinerGate”, basically using your private rekentuig (and not only) you can mine several cryptocurrencies using CPU &, GPU, an effortless to use cryptocurrency miner . Fine thing about this software is that you can mine numerous currencies, the most useful feature of this app is the “Clever Mining” which …

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