Slushpool Overtakes AntPool Become Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool

Some interesting switches are happening ter the world of Bitcoin mining pools. With the hashrate pulling down ter favor of BCH, rankings of pools are shaken up spil well. Slushpool is now the thickest Bitcoin mining operation open to the public. They generate overheen 20% of all blocks, which puts them ahead of AntPool, An interesting development, especially when considering what this means for the future.

For the past few years, Bitcoin mining wasgoed predominated by Chinese mining pools. This has always bot a big problem te the eyes of many users. China has lost its superior position ter the Bitcoin world several months ago. It now emerges they are no longer leading the mining toneel either. Instead, Slushpool is now the fattest Bitcoin mining pool. That is a rather interesting development, to say the least. It is an interesting fact to keep ter mind for the future.

Slushpool Scores Brownie Points With the Bitcoin Community

Albeit the mining concentrate is now on Bitcoin Specie, the thicker picture needs to be kept ter mind at all times Bitcoin with SegWit isn’t going away whatsoever. Ter fact, it will most likely remain the fattest cryptocurrency for some time to come. Slushpool rejected SegWit2x originally based on votes personages by its miners. They are not ter favor of BCH either, spil it is an altcoin. It is overduidelijk this particular pool tightly believes Bitcoin is fine the way it is and needs to be supported. Some people will gladly disagree on that vuurlijn, tho’.

Overtaking Antpool spil the fattest Bitcoin mining pool is a pretty big overeenkomst. It is the very first time ter a while a non-Chinese party leads the Bitcoin division ter this regard. Slushpool also has also a far more solid reputation ter the Bitcoin world. Back when the accidental fork occurred te 2013, the pool spil the very first to help out the network. Other pools determined to maintain their wait-and-see treatment. It is overduidelijk they value the community very first and foremost and couldn’t care less about quick profits. That hard work is now paying off, by the look of things.

It will be interesting to see how this affects Slushpool moving forward. They may attract a lotsbestemming more hashpower ter the near future. It is significant to ensure the pool doesn’t grow too large either, otherwise, a fresh problem is created. It is very likely some miners will budge overheen ter the coming weeks. Especially with the Bitcoin Specie profitability adjustment coming soon, things will get very interesting. Moreover, their half-assed EDA will be gone tomorrow spil well. An interesting future lies ahead for Bitcoin, that much is overduidelijk.

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