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Ethereum Classic (ETC) is the Opposition to Ethereum’s Hard Fork

Ehereum (ETH) has successfully hard forked a few days ago and moved on a fresh chain, however this also brought to life Ethereum Classic (ETC) that proceed to run on the old blockchain without any modifications that were made by the forking Ehereum (ETH). Primarily the support for Ethereum Classic wasgoed a bit questionable, but after Poloniex – the current largest Ethereum (ETH) exchange added a market for trading ETC spil well things embarked turning. There are already a few exchanges trading ETC with more very likely soon to go after, numerous services such spil block explorers and fairly a few mining pools already available. The current value of 1 ETC is about 1/20th that of 1 ETH, but the daily volume traded on Poloniex shows that the Ethereum Classic has almost half the volume of Ethereum.

The most significant question that people most likely have at the ogenblik is how they can get a hold of their ETC coins based on the ETH they are holding. There are some good and some bad news here, if you were running a local wallet then the ETH coins you had ter it prior the hard fork will also give you the capability to have the same amount of ETC coins. What you will have to do is to run a copy of the blockchain prior the hard fork at block 1920000 and run a pre-hardfork client such spil geth earlier than version 1.Four.Ten. Of course for the ETH coins you would still need to run the original blockchain with a client supporting the hardfork (make sure you use different directories for storing the two chains). If you had all of your ETH coins te an exchange or an online wallet, then you might be out of luck unless that wallet or exchange provides support for ETC spil well. Te the case of Poloniex any ETH that you help te the exchange resulted te you getting the same amount of ETC, however still only a few exchanges do provide support for ETC.

At this point it is fairly hard to say what is the actual amount of ETC coins that can be operated by their owners and unluckily there is the chance that some exchanges that do not officially add support for ETC can still get a hold of the ETC coins that were available spil ETH balances prior to the hard fork. So at the ogenblik it is still hard to predict what exactly will toebijten with Ethereum Classic, all wij can say is that wij are watching peak ter user rente and support, but will that be enough to establish ETC spil a long term alternative to ETH or not is still hard to say. So you might want to keep an eye out for ETC and if you can get a hold of your Ethereum Classic coins you should do so just ter case. Spil for those of you that may determine to mine ETC (it is on a separate chain after the hard fork) you should know that there is still a fairly a bit of risk involved and ETC future is still a bit uncertain. Wij are going to be keeping a track of how things with Ethereum Classic progress further on and keep you updated on how the situation evolves.

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