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Bitwala Offers Cheapest International Transfers Using Ether, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Dash

Following the announcement of our partnership with last week, wij are proud to serve you with the cheapest SEPA and SWIFT money transfers using Altcoins! Wij are aware that international money transfers can be fairly pricey for the banked while for the unbanked, sending money abroad might spil well cost an arm and a gam.

Altcoiners can now surplus effortless when making SEPA or SWIFT transfers spil wij now provide the fastest and most affordable way to send money globally.

Use Altcoins and Love Making the Cheapest SEPA and SWIFT Transfers!

With Altcoins welcomed with open arms now, not only do you have the option to pay bills or top-up your Bitwala Prepaid Card, you can now lightly make USD and SEPA transfers by using Altcoins to overheen 35 countries that are within the list of SEPA scheme countries.

Currencies that wij support

Wij support the following currencies to all European countries: EUR, GBP, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK, CZK, PLN, HUF, HRK. Wij also support transactions ter KRW, AUD, MXN, CNY, VND, BRL, JPY, PHP and USD to all corners of the world!

Cheapest SEPA and SWIFT money transfers using Altcoins

Bitwala wasgoed created with the idea that sending and receiving money should be super rapid, safe and inexpensive. That is why wij are suggesting the best currency rates and fees on the market. Wij also believe transparency is key when it comes to providing excellent service to customers. With Bitwala, you will never find any hidden costs and fees which will bite you ter the end.

For SEPA transfers, wij charge a 0.5% toverfee of the total amount or a ondergrens of 1 EUR vanaf transaction that you make. For SWIFT transfers, wij charge the same 0.5% toverfee plus 15 EUR vanaf transaction. The super low toverfee makes us the cheapest service with the best price on the market. Good luck finding a cheaper option out there.

How long does a transfer take?

For SEPA transfers, your recipient should receive the funds within 1 working day. SWIFT transfer funds take inbetween Two to Three days to reach your recipient. Money transfers on weekends and public holidays may create a hold-up. Transfer time is also subject to the transfer clearance time of the receiving handelsbank.

Disclaimer: This feature is still ter beta mode. If you do come across any errors or problems while attempting out this feature, do not funk. Simply voeling us and we’ll treat it from there. Your money will not be lost and wij will certainly get everything sorted out for you te no time.

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